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A bendy road warning sign on the B5105

There are plenty of signs like this along the B5105.

Link to World of Pallets website

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just off the B5105

Visit the home of the Welsh Space Agency

Link to Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society website

You don't get telegraph poles like this any just any old B road.

And while you're on the internet, why not waste even more time by reading some poetry that doesn't rhyme.

Madcap Blogger

Daily post article

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...That's how I was described by the Daily Post (22nd March 2011). I wasn't sure what madcap meant. The nearest I could get was; insane, but with adequate headwear. Fair enough. I've got a drawer full of bobble hats, and if I were to turn the house upside-down I could probably put my hands on a bowler hat somewhere.

The report - that which wasn't lifted straight from these very pages - very much concentrated on the angle of "nut-job takes photographs of Lucozade bottles" instead of my intended "What's with all the litter, folks?"

Ho hum!  But it did hit a few nerves out there though, and my dreams of receiving the Nobel prize for services to litter highlightification are still very much alive...


Lucozade Count

Counter showing total number of lucozade bottles discarded along the B5105

Winner, Most empty Lucozade bottles, 2010

Shortish 'B' Road Category


Got a corpse to dispose of or just an old sofa? Why not drop in to the Clocaenog - at any entrance just off the B5105 - and it'll be 30 years before anyone finds your late loved one..

A forest gate along the B5105 - ripe for some tip-top fly-tipping.

Friends of the B5105

Meet at a different layby each week to discuss all matters pertaining to tarmac and lucozade bottles. If you want to join us, or otherwise just receive our refreshingly vapid newsletter, sign up here.

Where to Stay?

Fred and Marlene Winnebago and their enormous motor home

Fred and Marlene Winnebago (pictured above) enjoyed 4 star luxury during their visit to the B5105 last August. King size beds, lounge, kitchen, hot and cold running water, bathroom complete with shower and wc. Satellite TV and 3½ miles to the gallon in the enormous motor home they brought with them.

Great Laybys

A layby on the B5105
Another layby on the B5105