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B5105 on the Telly

Image of an old telly with link to YouTube video of B5105

We've made a film
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A bendy road warning sign on the B5105

There are plenty of signs like this along the B5105.

Link to World of Pallets website

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just off the B5105

Visit the home of the Welsh Space Agency

Link to Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society website

You don't get telegraph poles like this any just any old B road.

And while you're on the internet, why not waste even more time by reading some poetry that doesn't rhyme.

B5105 Trivia

Did you Know? .... B5105 trivia

A Lucozade bottle along the side of the B5105• The B5105 was originally built by the Ordovice - an ancient tribe who specialised in building odd-numbered roads going an odd number of miles to and odd number of odd places, or to nowhere terribly interesting.
• Over 700 empty lucozade bottles are deposited along its length each and every year.
• The idea to combine cheese and onion in crisp form was first conceived by Sir Benjamin Spoon BEM whilst traversing the B5105 in 1863.

Another lucozade bottle on the side of the B5105

 • An amazingly safe place to be a cat, the B5105. The same cannot be said for motorcyclists who come here annually in their droves to test their theories on the after-life.

 At the eastern end of the B5105 the town of Ruthin experiences sunrise a full 61 seconds earlier than Cerrigydrudion. Conversely, those at the western end of the road can enjoy their evening barbeques for just over a minute longer. A good reason to live in Cerrig if ever there was one.